How to Make Microwave Oven Custard Pudding (Recipe) レンジでプリンの作り方 (レシピ)

How to Make Microwave Oven Custard Pudding (Recipe) レンジでプリンの作り方 (レシピ)

This video will show you how to make a Japanese Custard Pudding in a microwave! The recipe is very easy but please read my instructions carefully since the cooking time differs depending on the wattage and the microwave manufacturer. I really recommend you to use 500w microwave for this recipe because it becomes really spongy if you use higher wattage. Microwave Cooking Safety PLEASE BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN THE CARAMEL SAUCE!!! Cooking time depends on the heat (wattage) of your microwave. --------------------------------- Microwave Pudding Difficulty: Very Easy Time: 15min + cooling time Number of servings: 2 Ingredients: ((Custard Pudding)) 1 egg 1tbsp. sugar 150cc milk a few drops vanilla extract ((Caramel Sauce)) 1tsp. sugar 1tsp. water 1tsp. hot water Directions: ((Caramel Sauce)) 1. Combine sugar and water in a microwavable glass bowl. Heat it (uncovered) at 500w for 2-3 minutes until it melts and gets burnt (in brown). (the cooking time depends on the microwave even the wattage is the same, so mine was about 2.5 minutes. please watch out after 2 minutes!!!) 2. Quickly mix hot water, spoon it into center of each microwavable glass dish, and set aside. ((Custard Pudding)) 1. Combine egg and sugar, add milk and vanilla extract, and beat well. 2. Strain and pour on top of the caramel. 3. Put the pudding cups in a microwavable container with water. Make sure water is filled up to the level of the pudding and does not spill over into the pudding ...


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